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This is the first of many posts to keep clients up to date with the best new features, frequently asked questions, user tutorials, pro tips and tricks and much more to help you get the most value out of your photos.  We will be posting articles every 2 weeks to help you get the most value out of using us for all of your real estate photo and video needs.

What is SD Aerial Photography?

SD Aerial Photography is a real estate focused photography company located in San Diego, CA.  We have been in operation since 2014 but more of a side business.  My name is Sean Daniels, hence the SD in SD Aerial Photography .  I come from the drone world, having started a company in 2013 named EZDrone.  The company was focused on retail and B2B custom drone solutions.  I have been building and flying drones on a professional basis since then.  Because drones nearly always have a camera, I started learning a lot about optics and cameras.  In less than 2 months I started flying and filming professionally.


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Real Estate Photography

Fast forward 5 years and enter SD Aerial Photography.  The reason SD Aerial Photography is focused on real estate is because I married a real estate agent.  I was starting to book a lot of simple photo shoots with drones and my wife’s coworkers started asking me to shoot their listings.  I purchased a nice camera and started doing ground level work as well.  This led me to create packages that included air and ground work to create some spectacular little photo packages that sold very well.  Having her critiquing all of my photo shoots went a long way in creating the system and techniques I currently use.

Content Delivery System

I have spent the last year building up to doing this full time and look forward to bringing on more photographers to build the business further.  In the last year I have streamlined the booking system, content delivery and payment system.  We have also added some cool value add items such as custom flyer templates, branded and unbranded virtual tour landing pages, photo resizing and even virtual tour videos for your facebook and digital advertising.

I look forward to sharing all of this value and experience with new clients.  I am working hard to ensure your satisfaction and to go above and beyond to get you the photos you need to sell that home quickly.  If you have any questions about anything related to drones or real estate listings then I am your go to guy.  Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks and look out for informative articles coming soon.


Sean Daniels

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