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How much do you charge?

The pricing can be found while booking your shoot.  We also have a basic pricing table on the home page so you can get an idea based on your needs.  Photos start at $100 for aerial photos and $119 for a property package (***does not include virtual tour or video***)

Also see the following order form  ***This is a live order form.  If you proceed filling this out it will book a shoot***


Whats the difference between photos, a virtual tour and a virtual tour video?

Photos are just that.  You will receive a link to download your photos once they have been edited and uploaded.

Virtual tours include the photos taken and any information you add to the information section of each tour.  These are all saved and a landing page is created for you to post to MLS.  This includes a branded and unbranded tour hosted by us that you will have access to as soon as the photos have been delivered.

Virtual tour videos are animated slideshows created with the photos from the virtual tour set to music.  There are 2 versions sent to you if you choose to have one created by us.  1 will be branded for MLS compliance and the other is branded so you can post to social media and any other place you may want to display it.


***Virtual tour videos will need to be uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account in order to show up on the virtual tour site***

How do I book a shoot?

Booking a shoot is simple.  Just click any of the Book Now links or buttons anywhere on our site and you will be taken to our booking system.  Just input the required information and follow the prompts.  Its just that simple.

PRO TIP: During the first booking you will be asked for a bit of client information.  This information will be used on all of your virtual tours so the more information you enter the more will show.  You can always add this information later if you are in a rush.  You also only need to add your agent information once.  Each shoot you book will have information fields for that specific property.  If you leave it blank it will not show on the tour

What happens after i book a shoot?

We will get a notification that a new shoot has been booked.  Once we assign a photographer and add it to our schedule you will get a confirmation email.  Now you just wait for us to shoot and edit the images.

Once we upload the images you will get another email either asking to complete the payment or letting you know the tour is ready (if payment was already made).

From here you can either download the photos from the link in the email or you can access your client center dashboard to make any adjustments needed.

How long does it take to get my photos?

Unless there are special circumstances you can plan on having your tours and photos delivered the next day.  Your time is valuable and of the utmost importance to us.  You have enough on your plate to deal with so we try to deliver your products in a timely manner.


Virtual Tour

Client Panel Overview
The Client Panel is a simple, login-based admin area where you can:

  • Download tour images
  • Edit the tour
  • Select music
  • Rearrange images
  • Hide images
  • Rename the images
  • Add descriptions
  • Edit the flyer
  • Retrieve tour links and embed codes.


This is the default view after logging in and displays all of your tours. You’ll notice that you have the ability to filter tours by status.


You can change your customer record information including logos and photos.  Your profile settings are used on all of your tours so they are very important.  This information only needs to be input once but can be added to, removed or changed at an time through the “Profile Settings” Link


You can connect your YouTube channel by clicking the second link on the YouTube Settings page found under the “My Account” tab in the upper right of your client center. Then just follow the instructions.  This information will be used to automatically post new virtual tour video slideshows to your YouTube.  You will have both branded and unbranded version syndicate every time you re-render the video.

PRO TIP: We start the video render when we deliver the photos.  If you want changes made to the video then go to the the Edit Tour > Media tab of the tour.  Once you have made your changes, contact us to start rendering the updated version.  Re-renders typically take around an hour to 2 hours to complete and deliver.


The Tour Detail view is organized around the 6 major things you will need to access for each tour. This puts the most commonly accessed items first while still making it fast and easy for you to access the multitude of features in the system. You can also deactivate the tour in the top right corner (directly under Published) at any time.

1. Edit Tour

This button allows you to customize the tour.  You’ll notice five main tabs – Address/MLS, Tour Info, Tour Settings, Media, & Media Settings.


This tab allows you to update the MLS information on the property, as well as the address of property.

Tour Info

Here you can edit tour headings 1 and 2 as well as the property description.

Tour Settings

This tab allows you to edit and add custom links, including a custom flyer, custom schools link, custom links 1 & 2 and a Matterport link.


The media tab allows you to upload, and rearrange the order of media items.  You can also edit media details which include name, description, media type (image or floor plan), duration/display time, etc.

Media Settings

On this tab, you can also make additional edits to the tour including music, image display time, transitions, panning settings, etc.

2. Tour Links

Branded Tour – Complete with provider and customer branding.  Not suitable for most MLS/IDX Systems.

Unbranded Tour – Suitable for most MLS / IDX systems.

Gallery – A non-tour version of your images in a simple gallery-style view.

Custom Links  – If you need the tour to display in a more custom way than offered by the standard links, use the checkboxes below to create your custom link:

  • Show Address
  • Show Branding
  • Show Links
  • Autoplay tour
  • Starting Image (Large Header Image)

In the Tour Links section you’ll notice three icons on the right side of the links.  Clicking those icons will perform the following actions:

Copy Link to clipboard  link_1_.png

Copy Embed Code to clipboard  code_1_.png

Download QR Code  qrcode_2_.png


From the Client Panel, you can download images in Small, Large, Print-Quality, and an “MLS” size. *MLS sizes only appear if MLS information has been added to the tour*

4. Flyer

Our System has the ability to generate sales flyers with all the information you input about the listing.  Images and text can be customized if desired from the flyer section of the edit tour link.

5. Statistics

View statistics for your tour from right inside the client center or even get the statistics emailed to you in a report!

Statistics Include:

  • total photos viewed
  • total tour views
  • total visitors
  • referring sites
  • repeat visitor information.

The statistics on this page are update approximately every 30 minutes.

You can also:

  • Add additional email addresses to receive weekly statistics
  • Update frequency of statistic emails
  • Disable/re-enable statistic emails

6. Virtual Tour Video Slideshow

Allows you to request a virtual tour video in a single movie file (.mp4) suitable for use on YouTube, Vimeo, DVD, etc.  If you paid for a video as a part of the package you chose then this is where you will find it after delivery.

Note: Video renders are started upon request and take around 2 hours to complete.  We do this to give you time to choose which photos will be in the video as well as letting you choose the order and rename the photos if desired.

If you requested a video and don’t see a video version in this area then it is still rendering or awaiting payment (if added after the initial booking).  Don’t worry about waiting around for it to show up.  You will receive an email when it is ready to be downloaded.

Can I edit my virtual tour after its been delivered?

Absolutely, you have a lot of options to edit your virtual tour to your liking.  You can do a lot from the client center to make it exactly how you want it to look.  See the video for more information.



How do I rename photos?

From the Tour View section after logging in to your account:

  1. Click the tour with the photos you want to rename
  2. Click Edit Tour link
  3. Navigate to the media tab of the tour editor
  4. Click the photo you want to edit
  5. Start typing the new name and either select one from the dropdown, for the common names, or continue typing for custom names.  You can also click in the name box in the editing panel to the right of the photos.  Changes made automatically save.  The status can be seen in the top right hand corner of the tour editor.

PRO TIP: Changes made to these photos will ONLY affect the virtual tour and gallery.  They will not be reflected int he virtual tour video until you regenerate the video.  We highly recommend renaming, reordering and hiding all undesired photos in the tour before proceeding with the re-render of the video.  We make this recommendation because it takes a few hours to render the video every time you click the regenerate video button.

How do I hide photos from the tour and gallery?

From the Tour View section after logging in to your account:

  1. Click the tour with the photos you want to rename
  2. Click Edit Tour link
  3. Navigate to the media tab of the tour editor
  4. Click the photo you want to hide.
  5. On the right hand side you will see the “include in” section in the photo editing panel.  The 3 options control how the photo appears in both the tour and gallery.
  6. Virtual tour and gallery is the default setting but can be changed to only show in the gallery or to hide completely.

PRO TIP: Virtual tour videos are designed to be posted on social media and other places to market your property.  We try to keep virtual tour videos around a minute and a half so viewers don’t lose interest but if you can make it a minute you can also post on instagram.  We recommend hiding enough images to leave you with 15-20 total.  The gallery can hold as many detailed pictures as you would like so focus the video to be short and sweet showing only 1 of the best images per room of the property.

How do i change the order my photos show up?

From the Tour View section after logging in to your account:

  1. Click the tour with the photos you want to rename
  2. Click Edit Tour link
  3. Navigate to the media tab of the tour editor
  4. Click the photo you want to hide and simply drag and drop it to the position you want it to be in.  Thats it
What is the difference between branded and unbranded virtual tours?

Branded tours have all of your information included from your Client Center account settings.  You want to reach people with these videos and surely they need a way to contact you when posted online on blogs, YouTube, social media, etc.  Sure there are links in descriptions and other ways but getting your face and contact information in there face is the best way.

Unfortunately when you list property on the MLS you cannot include this branding due to their tight control on advertising.  This is where branded and unbranded tours come in handy.  Think of it like this.  You want a branded video on Zillow or but you also want agents and brokers to be able to click a link through MLS as well.  Thats where this difference comes in.

You get both options with us.  For more information see the two videos below for a side by side comparison.

Branded Virtual Tour Video

Unbranded Virtual Tour Video

What are tour statistics and how do i use them?

Knowledge is power and delivering that power is what we are all about here at SD Aerial Photography.  All Virtual Tour packages come with a free analytics tool to keep you in the know about whats happening on your properties.  Pull traffic information from all your virtual tour visitors…except yourself of course.  Learn more in the video below.


What payment methods do you accept?
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • PayPal

Our system is setup to take a credit card payment during booking via a credit card.  This information can be stored on file for easy checkout.  We understand that if you are booking multiple jobs per day then having to make multiple payments can be tedious, especially if you have an assistant or other agents doing these tasks.

If you have higher volume needs we can set you up for weekly invoicing billed through PayPal or Stripe.  If you have other preferred payment preferences please let us know prior to account setup.


How do you accept payments?

Not all agents, brokers or businesses are created equally.  Some use rolodexes and some are paperless.  We try to fit seamlessly into how you work.

Credit Card

By default we take a credit card payment during the initial booking in order to secure your time slot.  Stripe is our processor and they take the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Diners Club

You can choose to have Stripe keep the card on file to expedite your future bookings and save you those precious minutes.  We also realize that nowadays not everybody wants to keep their card on file.  We don’t blame you, thats why we ask for payment every time during booking.  If you are booking you might as well handle the payment at the same time and get it all out of the way.

Keep Card On File

We use Strip for payment processing.  Being one of the largest and most secure online payment processors they can keep your card on file to expedite the checkout process for future bookings.

Invoice (Must contact us to setup)

We can also invoice you through Stripe or PayPal with other payment methods.  We don’t typically default to these payment methods because they can hold up the delivery of the photos if not paid promptly.  We like to be ahead of schedule and if we have to wait on a payment to release the photos then nobody is happy.  This is why we streamline our process and take payment up front.

You can also pay by these methods via invoice through Stripe:

How are refunds processed?

If you had to cancel a shoot the refund for your order will be processed in the same way as your original payment.  If you paid through a PayPal invoice then you will receive a PayPal refund.  If you made a payment during booking through Strip then you will be refunded through stripe.

Please allow for up to 5 days to process stripe refunds.  Most times it doesn’t take this long but in some circumstances it can be delayed.

Refunds through PayPal are immediate.


How are my virtual tour videos hosted on the virtual tour?

All virtual tours are hosted on our site at but that is just the virtual tour itself, not the virtual tour video.  To have the video show on the virtual tour you will need to upload the video to the media section after the initial render is finished.  You will need to download both versions (branded and unbranded) of the mP4 and then upload them to the media section of the tour editor.

PRO TIP:  Go into the tour editor after the videos are uploaded and select each one to ensure the branded and unbranded display on the correct version of the tour.  The last option on the bottom of the photo editing panel is the branded and unbranded tour options.  By default this option is set to display in both branded and unbranded tours.  This can be a problem if the tour link is sent to the MLS system and you have the branded tour video playing in the hero section with all of your realtor information.  On the other hand if someone clicks the tour link on Zillow and your unbranded tour is playing you may potentially miss out on an impression by not having the branded tour video play.


Another hosting option available in our system is linking an account through YouTube.

You can either connect your YouTube account through our system for automatic uploading after a video render or you can manually upload it to a third party site such asYouTube or Vimeo and add the link under the “Custom Links” section in the tour editor.


How do I link my account to automatically upload my virtual tour videos to my YouTube page?

Here is the procedures for linking your YouTube account.

If you decide to use a third party such as Vimeo or to manually add the videos to the tour then you will need to follow this procedure.


How Do I Embed YouTube And Vimeo Videos As Custom Links? 

Navigate to the Client Center panel and click the “Edit Tour” icon.

Click on the “Tour Settings” tab at the top of the window and scroll down until you see the Link #1 Options.

You will be REQUIRED to add a title for the video to show. We recommend using “Video” as the title as this turns into a button linking to the video.

Copy the share code from the hosted video share options and paste it in here.  You should have 2 separate links for the video.  1 branded and 1 unbranded.  Input the code accordingly and it should autosave and update in front of your eyes.

Thats it.  Just click the green “View Tour” link in the top right corner and you should see your new tour with video.  If you have any issues then keep reading below.


Troubleshooting Video Tour Link Errors

If you’re trying to add a video hosted by YouTube or Vimeo as a Custom Link, you may find that when you choose to have the video pop up in the Tour Player, you receive an error stating “Custom Link 1 Url Unbranded won’t display in a popup window because the host disallows it.”

If you want to get the video to open in a popup box, you have to scheme the URLs so they are using the embed links of the respective services. Those formats, and how to update them are shown below:


Links are for demo purposes only and may not work

If your Vimeo link is showing as:

You should reformat your link scheme as:



Links are for demo purposes only and may not work

If your YouTube link is showing as:

You should reformat your link scheme as:

How do I download my photos?

Once your photos are released you will receive an email with a few links.  Each link has a description above it indicating what it does.  There are 2 main ways of downloading your images.

Direct download (No sign-in required)

You can click a link to download the photos without signing in to your account.  This is a great way to share the pictures with assistants and others that may need access to them.

***They will not have access to rename, resize, reorder, create flyers, change the look and colors of your tour, etc.***

Here is a screenshot of what you will see

SD Aerial Photography Photo Download Link

SD Aerial Photography Photo Download Link

Download Photos From Client Center (Sign-in Required)

If you decide you want to make some changes to how your photos are displayed and you are the account holder then this is the option for you.  You will follow the link to your client center where you can access all of your tours and make all the changes your heart desires before download.

SD Aerial Photography Client Center Main Screen

SD Aerial Photography Client Center Main Screen


From here you can choose the tour to get to the downloads section.  This is where you can download your photos.


SD Aerial Photography Client Center Photo Download

SD Aerial Photography Client Center Photo Download

If you need to edit or make changes before downloading the photos you will want to access the “Edit Tour” link before downloading.

I'm not happy with my photos due to bad weather. What can you do to help?

Even though we live in America’s finest city sometimes we get aggressive marine layers, haze and general bad weather.  Don’t worry though. We have some options to help you out.  We cannot perfectly predict the weather so we have some other crafty ways to make sure you didn’t just waste money on bad photos.  Contact us if you need any of these services added after the delivery of your photos.  We will invoice you and perform the tasks.

Sky Swap

Changing out a sky in photoshop is a tedious task but an easy and relatively cheap way to salvage photos with undesirable skies.  This is a service we offer as an add on for $10 per photo.  The good news is that you only really need to change a few of the exterior shots instead of redoing the entire shoot.


If you have a property that has a lot of exterior shots and they all look bad because of weather then we can also come out on another day to reshoot those exterior shots.  This is a general a-la-carte item that costs $80 and covers reshooting up to 15 photos.

If you choose to go this route we suggest to add a note in the shoot notes sections asking us to reshoot on the first good day available and we will handle the rest.  We will take it from there.


We normally respond to form submissions within an hour or so.  If you need answer faster you can always call or text us at the number below    Just click

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