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Real Estate Photography

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and in today’s market, that impression is your photos through internet listings or MLS.  Studies show that homes tend to sell for more when photographed with pro level cameras.
Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours are a great way to showcase all of the property features in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to read layout.  Whats more is these virtual tour can be linked to not only the MLS, but also Zillow, Trulia,, etc.

Virtual Tour Video

Sometimes you may be with a client and not have reception or internet.  Being able to access your properties offline can prove helpful.  Our virtual tour videos are a great way to pocket all your listing so you can show them off from anywhere.  You can even upload to your YouTube page for passive views.

Every agents needs to print flyers to leave at their property’s for passers by as well as open house marketing material.  We make this easier than ever by automatically creating flyers for each property we shoot for you.  There are 4 options available and you can change them on the fly.

Drone Photography

aerial Photos

As the old adage suggests, location location location is a major part of selling a property.  It’s not just about a view either. Its about showcasing the surrounding amenities. Nothing accomplishes this better than a drone and a walk score map.  We give you both.

Virtual Tour

Drones take some amazing photos and give you and the listing a different perspective.  This additional perspective goes a long way when it comes to online presentation.  It keeps the interest of people looking through thousands of listings on websites and the MLS.

Virtual Tour Video
Aerial shots are particularly impressive on the videos.  We use aerial shots that break up the mundane angles that everybody sees when watching videos about a properties of interest.
Flyers come free with any job purchased through us.  There is no better way to give your potential clients a birds eye view of the area their new home is located.  These aerial photos can be easily placed on flyers to hand out during open houses and caravans.

Twilight Photography

twilight Photos
Some homes just have great scenery.  What better way to capture that then with a photo taken at sunset.  SD Aerial Photography was founded in San Diego and we have got some killer views and sunsets.  Make that property really stand out with some twilight photos.
Virtual Tour
Twilight photos add a dramatic feel to properties.  Add that to your virtual tour and really give the client a feel for what that rooftop deck or back patio feel like at the most beautiful time of day.
Virtual Tour Video
Virtual tour videos immerse the prospective new owner by keeping attention with great photos.  Add some music and some pan effects and you start playing to emotion.  Twilight photos add that last little drama to really tug on heart strings during the video.

Flyers need to stand out, especially when there is a wall of them in the same format ones in a sales office.  Most real estate photos are taken during the day.  Showcasing a twilight photo is a sure way to grab the attention from the same style of photos everybody else uses.


Video Tour
Do you use YouTube or Instagram when you get a listing?  More and more agents today are using video to reach new audiences in droves.  We can capture the true essence of a property that you can post to the masses.  Get that property out to as many eyes as possible in style.
Video walkthrough
Nobody will work harder for your business than you.  Sometimes it takes an agent selling a property for it to sell.  Get in front of your audience and show them why they need to buy that home.  We can make you a video walkthrough with voice over or cribs style like they are there with you.
Showcase video
If you want to really make a splash we can put on a full scale commercial with actors and all.  This is serious production value starting with storyboarding and shot using Hollywood quality cinema cameras and a staff of 4 for 8 hours.  As they say, You get what you pay for.

Why Choose US?

Simple Booking

Easy and fast booking through our website, phone, text, email and even Facebook.  Just click your preferred method and away we go.

Superior Quality

We believe in delivering the best HDR images possible.  These photos are worth more than 1000 words.  They are the difference between a sold and stale listing

Serious Value

We don’t just deliver photos fast and easy.  We deliver value with a robust and customizable deliver center that lets you put those photos to use with a click.

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